Compound Movements – Are They Better

Compound movements involve 2 or more joints and multiple muscle groups. That’s a fairly straight forward and simple definition. Now, I’m not going to sit here and write a post detailing how everyone should be doing compound movements if they want to get serious about their training. I’m not going to say that isolation movements […]

Metabolic Resistance Training – Why It Outperforms

Metabolic Resistance Training is the new buzz word in fitness. It’s not a new thing to the world of fitness, just a new and improved name. I think it used to be referred to as ┬áthe “are you kidding me” style. Before it had an official name these workouts have been regular prescription for combat […]

Push Ups – I’d Bet You’re Doin’ Em Wrong

The push up – such a simple movement with tremendous benefits. Yet everywhere I look and almost all my new clients can not perform a proper push up. Push Up Step #1 – Body Tight and Rigid A proper push up with full range of motion begins with your body tight and rigid. I should […]

Weight Loss and the New Year – The First 3 Steps

It’s January again and for most people that means it’s time to start your weight loss program. Unfortunately most will fail. The failure won’t be due to a lack of desire, of course. It won’t even be the result of a bad nutrition or exercise plan. So what does that leave as the root cause […]