News Blurb – Worst Back to School Beverages

sneaky sugar

Here’s a great slideshow that will undoubtedly shock you. I knew these “kids” drinks were loaded with sugar, but seeing a direct comparison to foods we all classify as junk was eye opening to say the least. Before you click to go look at the slides (link at bottom), let me add a few thoughts. […]

Mayonnaise Substitute – It’s Better In Every Way

best mayonnaise substitute

I’m always on the lookout for a good mayonnaise substitute. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some mayonnaise. As a southern boy, Duke’s mayo was a staple around the dinner table. And as you can see from the pic, I still use it to this day. But all that’s changed now. Since Tracy and I discovered this […]

News Blurb: McDonald’s and PayPal Team Up


Imagine a herd of cattle stampeding into McDonald’s restaurant’s during the noon rush hour. That’s got to be what the world’s favorite clown is imagining after hearing this. McDonald’s and PayPal  recently announced a partnership to test out a new way for customers to pay for their meals. Yeah, that’s what this world needs. A faster […]

Is Crossfit Worth It?

is crossfit worth it

Is crossfit worth what? The $100+ dollars per month to join, the physical and mental pain of the daily WOD’s, or the risk of injury? Or maybe you’ve got something else in mind. Since I can’t possibly know why else you’d ask if crossfit is worth it I’m just gonna stick with the first three […]

5 Bodyweight Workouts To Cleanse the Soul

bodyweight workout - push ups

Bodyweight workouts are nothing short of awesome. You can do them practically anywhere and anytime. The equipment needed is readily available. And they can be as intense or easy as you like. Intense for a good soul cleansing beat down, or nice and easy for active recovery days. Take these 5 bodyweight workouts below and […]

Is Cardio Good For Weight Loss

cardio for weight loss

Visualize this; an overweight marathoner, or an avid swimmer / cyclist. can you see it? Sure there are some overweight individuals that do these activities. But those are the ones that do very low amounts. First things first. Before I answer the cardio for weight loss question, be sure you understand that there is a […]

Food and Marketing; A 1 – 2 Knockout Punch

food skull and crossbones

Food is a good thing. Marketing is a good thing, I guess. But when those two are combined, you have a very dangerous combination. “He could sell ice to an Eskimo” I’m sure you’ve heard that term before, or something close to it. It simply means that he’s a great salesman, or marketer. Top notch […]