3 Simple Habits to Help You Stay Young Longer

Too Sleepy

Advances in medicine offer us the opportunity to live longer and healthier than ever before. Discounting biblical times of course. It’s not crazy to think that any one of us could live beyond 100. Youth is wasted on the young –George Bernard Shaw Click to Tweet ┬áMy wife asked me just a few days ago […]

How To Come Clean On Your Sugar Addiction


I’m going to make a bold statement: Sugar Addiction is the root cause behind the obesity epidemic. Feel free to comment if you disagree. But I really don’t see what your argument could possibly be. Ask Yourself; Could I give up sugar for one full day? How about two days? Or even an entire week? […]

Carb Cycling For Weight Loss – A Beginner’s Guide

carb cycling for weight loss

There’s been a lot of chatter recently about carb cycling for weight loss. I guess it’s to be expected due to the popularity of the hit reality show “Extreme Makeover; Weight Loss Edition”. Chris Powell, the show’s star trainer, has had tons of success prescribing this carb cycling method to the clients. And of course, […]

6 Things Smart Humans Need To Learn From Dumb Animals

Bulldog Loyalty
pic credit; petpostit.com

My oldest daughter bought “Angel” when she was 10 (Angel was 2 mos.). After 3 years Blayke grew tired of Angel and began shunning her. My youngest daughter took over as Angel’s “mom”. That was almost 9 years ago. Blayke still has nothing to do with Angel, but all she has to do is act […]