3 Reasons Triceps Dips Rule

The triceps dip is the king of arm exercises, bar none. It compares like this; bench for chest, squat for legs, dead lift for back, and dips for arms.

Yeah, I know it doesn’t work the biceps, but those two little guys are only about 25% of your upper arm anyway. For sheer mass work the other 75%, the triceps.

1) Dips can be done anywhere, literally.

You can use chairs, rocks, a bench, couch, you can even use the floor. At no time will you ever be in a place that you are unable to perform the trusty ol’ triceps dip.

2) Triceps Dips are a bodyweight exercise.

They don’t require any additional weight. Nothing to purchase. Nothing special to set up. You can just do ’em. Of course, once you begin racking up 20 – 30 reps per set you would want to add some spice by tacking on additional weight.

3) The triceps dip is a compound exercise.

this bad boy practically works your entire upper body. The muscles worked during the dip are the triceps, pecs, lats, rhomboids, anterior (front) delts, and your abs.

So there you have it. Three reasons triceps dips rule the roost for arm exercises.

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