6 Things Smart Humans Need To Learn From Dumb Animals

Bulldog Loyalty
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My oldest daughter bought “Angel” when she was 10 (Angel was 2 mos.). After 3 years Blayke grew tired of Angel and began shunning her. My youngest daughter took over as Angel’s “mom”. That was almost 9 years ago. Blayke still has nothing to do with Angel, but all she has to do is act like she want’s to love on Angel and she’ll be in her lap with tail just a waggin’.

I was thinking about that situation the other day because Angel got so excited and ran to the door after she heard Blayke’s car pull up in the drive. I came to the following conclusions and decided to write ’em down here.


1) Love Unconditionally;
Once you’ve gained their love, you’ve got it forever. Animals, particularly dogs, love you unconditionally. No matter how unlovable you are, how poorly you treat them, how often you forget to feed and water them, or make them sit out in the hot sun with no shade. They love you for who you are and not what you can give them. Luke 6:32 “If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners love those who love them. Do you love the unlovable?

Unconditional Love
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2) Are Loyal;
No matter what happens, they’ll be there for you. Wedding vows should be changed to something like “as my dog is loyal to me, so shall I be loyal to you”. For better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health,to love and to cherish, till death do us part. No doubt that’s a dogs creed to humans.

Bulldog Loyalty
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3) Never Hold Grudges;
There are times when your emotions overflow and you lash out at your beloved pet. Yelling and making them run away with tail tucked. No worries, a simple calm and loving voice calling them back will do the trick. All is forgiven and forgotten. How do you respond when someone mistreats you for no good reason and then asks for forgiveness?

Who said I was mad?
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4) Know How To Show Appreciation
Give you pet their special treat or play a fun game with them and notice the exuberant reaction. You’ll get that every time, no matter how often you do it. What kind of reaction did you give the last time someone did something nice for you?

I can’t say it but I sure can show it!
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5) Are Happy With the Basics
Give them only what they need and they’re happy. Anything more is a bonus. If they lose that bonus they won’t even mope around about it. Are you happy with just the basics? Or are you unhappy because you don’t have more of what you want? Do you even recognize the difference?

Thanks, but you really shouldn’t have
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6) Live In the Moment
Animals don’t regret the past and they don’t worry about the future. The past has molded you into the person you are, make the most of it. No one is guaranteed another second on this earth so make this moment worth living.

This is the life!
Pic credit; petpostit.com


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    Bro! This is hilarious, awesome, and quit informative.

    I LOVE the last picture. These are the types of posts that people end up sharing because it is so funny, enjoyable, and valuable that I can’t help but let the world know about it.

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