9 Year Old Loses 66 Pounds

If you’re a parent struggling with an overweight child, this will be inspiring and motivational.

Unfortunately, I can’t get the video to show up. So click here to watch it and read the original news story.

A Couple Take Aways

  1. The entire family followed the plan. This wasn’t some fad diet that the mom and dad forced their daughter to do by herself. Even though it looks as if the parents were already at a healthy weight, they did everything they asked of their daughter. If you’re wanting your kid to lose weight and eat better, you ought to be doing it with ’em. SUPPORT 100% of the time is critical.
  2. They dramatically changed their diet. That’s rule #1 and 2, 3, 4, and 5. It’s that important for weight loss.
  3. They did slow cardio. That’s right, the same stuff that’s been villainized by these fat loss guru’s trying to tell you slow boring cardio just doesn’t work. Wrong! It does work, and in some cases, it’s your only form of exercise. Can you imagine trying to get this little girl to do HIIT for 10 minutes and having this type of success? I can’t. The key is they started moving. Come rain or shine they got out on their trail for the daily 4 miler.
  4. As the dad said in the end, don’t be afraid of the tough love. Your kids will fight back because this stuff isn’t what they’re used to and it takes work. I don’t know too many kids that are going to work like that without arguing and pushing back. For their sake, you must be the bad guy and force them to do what they’ve gotta do.

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