About Bryan

Who Am I?

For starters, I’m a regular guy that’s hit the mid-life age range. I’m okay with getting older biologically, but not psysiologically. In other words, being a man in his 40’s but feeling like a man in his 20’s.

Bryan AdairI work in the auto industry and that’s how I earn a living for my family. I’m not a professional blogger.

Although I am a personal trainer with real clients, that’s something I do in my “free” time. That’s my real passion.

Unfortunately, I’m not in a position that would allow me to quit my stable job with great benefits like health insurance, 401K, and pension plans to become a full time trainer. KUDO’s to anyone ballsy enough to make such a move.

Here’s a quick list to sum up who I am;

  • I upheld the fine tradition of being a stupid teenager
  • High school football, wrestling, and track athlete
  • Served 5 years as a U.S. Marine / Once A Marine Always A Marine! OOOOOH-RAAAAAH!!
  • Former Law Enforcement Officer
  • Husband for over 20 years to a wonderful woman that puts up with me
  • Father to 2 precious daughters
  • Grandfather of an awesome grandSON. And he’s a redhead like me.
  • Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Coach, Certified Personal Trainer
  • Information sponge – yet free thinker
  • I Love activity – MMA, rock climbing, racquetball, trail running, crazy fitness stuff, camping, skiing – water and snow. There are some other things as well, but those are the biggest.

My Goals

  • Be the best husband possible
  • Be the best father possible
  • Be the best man possible
  • Beat father time – I want my grand-children to say to their friends “you won’t believe what my grandpa can do!”

Why Should You Listen To Me?

You shouldn’t. You should do your own thinking and develop your own conclusions about health, fitness, and longevity. However, you should use me as part of that investigation process.

I promise to do my due diligence to bring only the most recent, and the most relevant, information I can find to help you live an ageless life


To Your Health,