Metabolic Resistance Training – Why It Outperforms

Metabolic Resistance Training is the new buzz word in fitness. It’s not a new thing to the world of fitness, just a new and improved name. I think it used to be referred to as ┬áthe “are you kidding me” style. Before it had an official name these workouts have been regular prescription for combat […]

Push Ups – I’d Bet You’re Doin’ Em Wrong

The push up – such a simple movement with tremendous benefits. Yet everywhere I look and almost all my new clients can not perform a proper push up. Push Up Step #1 – Body Tight and Rigid A proper push up with full range of motion begins with your body tight and rigid. I should […]

Weight Loss and the New Year – The First 3 Steps

It’s January again and for most people that means it’s time to start your weight loss program. Unfortunately most will fail. The failure won’t be due to a lack of desire, of course. It won’t even be the result of a bad nutrition or exercise plan. So what does that leave as the root cause […]

3 Reasons Triceps Dips Rule

The triceps dip is the king of arm exercises, bar none. It compares like this; bench for chest, squat for legs, dead lift for back, and dips for arms. Yeah, I know it doesn’t work the biceps, but those two little guys are only about 25% of your upper arm anyway. For sheer mass work […]

Metabolism Boosters – Maximize Your Metabolism in Minutes

Another way of saying maximize your metabolism is simply increase your calorie burn. Seems easy enough right? You just move more and you’ll burn more. True enough, but why waste time doing movements that don’t burn as many calories as other movements. What you want is to burn more in the same amount of time, […]

Paleo Diet – A Common Sense Approach

paleo man

Paleo diets have become a very trendy thing lately. Convincing arguments are being made every day for why this style of eating is the way to go. When I read popular sites like Mark’s Daily Apple, it’s clear why so many are trying this lifestyle. I read comments about people ridding themselves of lifelong, or […]

Double Unders – A Better Way To Jump Rope

Double unders take your average jump roping routine to a whole new level. If you’ve never tried them, you’re in for a real humbling experience the first time you do. I remember thinking that these can’t be that hard, it’s just getting the rope around faster and jumping a little higher. How wrong I was! […]

The No Fat – Low Fat Myth

That’s right, I said No Fat – Low Fat MYTH! How did we ever come to the conclusion that eating fat will make you fat? I think I have the answer, or at least my humble opinion. But first let me tell you that I can’t stand low fat and non fat foods. If the […]