Benefits Of Sprint Training

sprinting stride

There are many benefits of sprint training. Some are self explanatory and some just make you scratch your head ans say “huh?” You probably couldn’t care any less about all the specifics of glycolosis, HGH increase, muscle adaptations, EPOC, and all that sort of stuff.

natural sprinting

That’s about how fast I am (courtesy National Geographic)

Most people don’t want to read a bunch of physical science crap. They just want the goods.

3 Quick Benefits of Sprint Training 

1) Shorter Workouts With The Same Benefits Of Longer Workouts

Sprinting is so intense that you simply can’t do it for very long. It requires almost every muscle in your body to do work. Sprinting is anaerobic with means without air. When you train anaerobically you’re also building muscle.

Think about how a sprinter looks (muscular) vs a distance runner (scrawny).

2) No equipment needed

All you need is the great outdoors. Some would do their sprints on a treadmill, and I suppose that’s fine. As for me, give me the fresh air and forward movement.

You don’t need long sections either. You can run your sprints with as little as 20 – 30 feet. Even less depending on how you’ve set up that days workout.

3) Sprinting is a natural movement

Running and sprinting is one of those natural human movements that has fallen by the wayside in these latter years. We choose, instead, to jog slowly because that’s not so hard. That doesn’t make us want to reach in and pull our lungs out and give ourselves mouth to mouth.

Sprinting is different from jogging because it requires a longer stride and the ultra high  intensity breaks down the leg and hip muscles.

Hillary Swank - sprinting stride

Now That’s A Stride

Those are the 3 benefits of sprint training.

Now a warning. Never go out and start sprinting without a proper warm up. By proper I mean at least 10 minutes of physical activity that has increased your body’s core temperature and got you sweating. Somewhere in the time frame you should have also done some running. Start out slowly with a jog and do about 5 – 8 intervals of increasing speed each time until you’re close to top speed. The older you are the longer your should warm up should be.

Sprint Training Is Only Fun When It’s Over

I’m not going to lie to you and say that I love sprinting. I don’t. It hurts all of my insides. It makes me ask questions like “why am I doing this?” and statements like “I know I’ve got 3 more to do but I think 5 should be enough”. Fortunately I’ve got the discipline and mental fortitude to press on. And when it’s over…… I’m always stoked.

Sprint Training – Workout 1


(4) 10 second sprints with up to 2 minutes rest between efforts


(6) 10 second sprints with up to 1 minute rest between efforts


(8) 10 second sprints with 30 second rest between efforts

When you doing this workout, keep telling yourself “sprint training rocks!”

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  1. Adam says

    I think that photo is of the actress Hillary Swank. Not sure what it was for, though.

    Good blog, and keep up the great videos on YouTube, too!

  2. Chris says

    Great blog. Appreciate the advice.

    And yes, that is Hilary Swank from a Vanity Fair article here: (link placed in photo credits)

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