Can Coffee Raise Your Cholesterol

To say that I love my coffee would be an understatement. Some may even call me a bit of a coffee snob. I buy higher quality whole beans. And I prefer to grind my beans fresh with every brewed pot. A fresh “cup o’ joe” is a real pleasure for me any time of day. […]

Eliminating HFCS Doesn’t Improve Weight Loss Results


I know you’ve done it too. Shopped specifically for foods that are labeled “contains no High Fructose Corn Syrup“. I still do it, but the real question is … Does it really matter? Is HFCS really the evil chemical that every online know-it-all claims? Will it thwart you weight loss efforts? Sure it’s not a […]

Is Aging a Disease

What do you mean - "is aging a disease?"

My first reaction is “what kind of jack-leg question is that?”. What do you mean – is aging a disease? My reply includes 1 squinted eye and a turned up corner of my mouth. Some researchers and scientists are trying to say it is. Taking that into consideration, the drive to categorize aging as a […]

9 Year Old Loses 66 Pounds

If you’re a parent struggling with an overweight child, this will be inspiring and motivational. Unfortunately, I can’t get the video to show up. So click here to watch it and read the original news story. A Couple Take Aways The entire family followed the plan. This wasn’t some fad diet that the mom and […]

What Is Protein?

Sometimes my 'stache get's in the way of my protein intake

What do chicken’s, eggs, and fish, have in common? They’re all answers to the “what is protein” question. If you’re like 99.9% of the folks I talk to about nutrition, then you couldn’t care less about the scientific definition of protein or about how many amino acids protein contains and what each one does for […]

Simply Stated

Keepin' it simple

You remember watching those Charlie Brown episodes that had their school teacher in ’em? Every time the teacher spoke it was nothing more than verbal noise. “Wat-wah, wa wa wa waa” I believe that’s exactly what most people hear when they ask a simple health and/or nutrition question and the so-called expert delivers an answer […]

Is Coconut Oil Good For You

Coconut oil

My mom asked me “is coconut oil good for you?” To which I replied “yes it is”. To elaborate just a little, we were hanging out in the kitchen, and as she was putting things away she came across the container of coconut oil (I’d recommended it earlier) and wanted to ask me in front […]

Prevent Wrinkles – The 5 Most Common Tips

I see you lookin' at me

We tend to become much more aware of our wrinkly ol’ face and skin as we approach the 40’s and even more so after the big 4-0. We look at ourselves closely in the mirror wondering how long those crow’s feet have been there and why we haven’t noticed them sooner. We look at pictures […]

Stress Relief In Just 1 Minute A Day

stress relief thumb

You’ve had all you can stand. Now you’re online looking for some quick method of stress relief. Well consider¬†yourself lucky that you’ve landed here at Ageless HQ. I’m gonna tell you how to reduce stress. And it only takes ¬†1 minute. You obviously are aware of the dangers of being stressed out. Otherwise you probably […]