Can Diet Soda Make You Fat?

I just saw this video from CBS This Morning about diet soda and weight gain. The headline “Can Diet Soda Make You Fat” caught my attention because I believe the answer is both true and false.

CBS This Morning video (3 min)

Can Diet Soda Make You Fat: No

The answer is “no” for one reason – there aren’t any calories in diet soda. Or at least there are very few, and considerably less than the non-diet. You gain weight when you put more calories in your body than you put out. Therefore, if a diet soda doesn’t have any calories then there’s nothing to be converted over to fat.

Yes, it’s really that simple. I’ve been a part of the Adonis Index forums for a while now and lots of those guys sing the praises of calorie free diet soda. These are the same guys that have won competitive body transformation contests and have achieved a level of leanness they never dreamed possible. Having the ability to taste something during their 24 – 36 hour fasts helped them get over the mental wall of not eating for extended periods of time.

And THAT is the real key to successful weight loss; eating less.

Saying diet soda can make you fat is very much like saying brushing your teeth can give you bad breath. Keep reading and I’ll explain

Can Diet Soda Make You Fat: Yes

The answer is “yes”, but only indirectly.

Brushing your teeth won’t give you bad breath, but what you eat before and after you brush them can and will. Likewise with the diet sodas. What you eat before, during, and after you drink them is the real culprit to your weight gain. People overestimate the calorie savings in diet soft drinks and underestimate the calorie content in food. Therefore, you feel like you can eat a little more of the foods you love because you’ve cut your calories elsewhere.

Weight Loss Is That Simple?

No one wants to believe it, but it’s true as the day is long. Barring any (REAL not theorized) medical condition if you eat less, you will lose weight. And if you exercise, the weight you lose will be fat, not muscle.

A Closing Note About Diet Soft Drinks And Fat Loss

I never recommend drinking diet soda. I never recommend regular soft drinks either for that matter. I am a believer in clean eating for good health. Although there haven’t been any real studies on the effects of clean vs. non-clean eating, I just feel better knowing that I’m not putting anything that’s not natural in my body.

So although drinking low calorie diet soft drinks can help you lose weight, I believe there’s a trade off with regard to health. If you’re overweight, then by all means get that off first. Then you can begin to concern yourself with the details of clean eating and any negative consequences of artificial preservatives, additives, and sweeteners.

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