Can Coffee Raise Your Cholesterol

To say that I love my coffee would be an understatement. Some may even call me a bit of a coffee snob. I buy higher quality whole beans. And I prefer to grind my beans fresh with every brewed pot. A fresh “cup o’ joe” is a real pleasure for me any time of day. […]

Prevent Wrinkles – The 5 Most Common Tips

I see you lookin' at me

We tend to become much more aware of our wrinkly ol’ face and skin as we approach the 40’s and even more so after the big 4-0. We look at ourselves closely in the mirror wondering how long those crow’s feet have been there and why we haven’t noticed them sooner. We look at pictures […]

Stress Relief In Just 1 Minute A Day

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You’ve had all you can stand. Now you’re online looking for some quick method of stress relief. Well consider yourself lucky that you’ve landed here at Ageless HQ. I’m gonna tell you how to reduce stress. And it only takes  1 minute. You obviously are aware of the dangers of being stressed out. Otherwise you probably […]

3 Simple Habits to Help You Stay Young Longer

Too Sleepy

Advances in medicine offer us the opportunity to live longer and healthier than ever before. Discounting biblical times of course. It’s not crazy to think that any one of us could live beyond 100. Youth is wasted on the young –George Bernard Shaw Click to Tweet  My wife asked me just a few days ago […]