9 Year Old Loses 66 Pounds

If you’re a parent struggling with an overweight child, this will be inspiring and motivational. Unfortunately, I can’t get the video to show up. So click here to watch it and read the original news story. A Couple Take Aways The entire family followed the plan. This wasn’t some fad diet that the mom and […]

Carb Cycling For Weight Loss – A Beginner’s Guide

carb cycling for weight loss

There’s been a lot of chatter recently about carb cycling for weight loss. I guess it’s to be expected due to the popularity of the hit reality show “Extreme Makeover; Weight Loss Edition”. Chris Powell, the show’s star trainer, has had tons of success prescribing this carb cycling method to the clients. And of course, […]

Is Cardio Good For Weight Loss

cardio for weight loss

Visualize this; an overweight marathoner, or an avid swimmer / cyclist. can you see it? Sure there are some overweight individuals that do these activities. But those are the ones that do very low amounts. First things first. Before I answer the cardio for weight loss question, be sure you understand that there is a […]

5 Healthy Foods That Cost LESS Than $1

cheap healthy foods

Have you ever said ” healthy foods are so expensive“? If you haven’t, then I’d like to ask you to donate some of your wealth to me, because you certainly have waay more money than I do. I think that very question often. Yes, I still buy the healthy foods, I just don’t like the bill.With […]

Teen Loses 100 Pounds in Ten Months

charles before weight loss

The story below is one that I found on Weight Loss Success Stories. It’s inspirational to say the least. I wanted to post it here as well as link to that site for 1 main reason. To further illustrate my point that fat loss is simple and there is no one size fits all diet. […]

Fat Loss Demystified – It Really Is This Simple

stupid fat loss diets

As a personal trainer of athletes and fat loss clients, there’s one thing that rises way to the top of my pet peeves. That one thing is none other than all the BS and confusion about dieting and nutrition. I’m not going to lie here and say that this is something I’ve always known. No, I’ll admit […]

Jumping Rope For Weight Loss

If I had to choose between running and jumping rope for weight loss, I’d choose jumping rope every time. That’s a no brainer for me. First of all, I don’t like running. I used to hate running but now it’s just a dislike. Second, I’m going to burn about the same amount of calories jumping […]

Can Diet Soda Make You Fat?

I just saw this video from CBS This Morning about diet soda and weight gain. The headline “Can Diet Soda Make You Fat” caught my attention because I believe the answer is both true and false. CBS This Morning video (3 min) Can Diet Soda Make You Fat: No The answer is “no” for one reason […]

How To Eat Less – 28 Quick And Easy Tips

Yes it’s true. If you want to lose weight you have to eat less. In other words, take in less calories than you expend. Knowing that is the easy part. But how do you eat less and somehow manage to not be pissed off at the world? Now that’s where the difficulty comes into play. Below you’ll […]

Weight Loss and the New Year – The First 3 Steps

It’s January again and for most people that means it’s time to start your weight loss program. Unfortunately most will fail. The failure won’t be due to a lack of desire, of course. It won’t even be the result of a bad nutrition or exercise plan. So what does that leave as the root cause […]