How To Eat Less – 28 Quick And Easy Tips

Yes it’s true. If you want to lose weight you have to eat less.

In other words, take in less calories than you expend. Knowing that is the easy part. But how do you eat less and somehow manage to not be pissed off at the world? Now that’s where the difficulty comes into play.

Below you’ll find 28 of the best tips on how to eat less that the internet has to offer. If you’ve got some good ones that have somehow been overlooked by me and my team (fyi – there is no team I just like to sound like a big deal) then please put them in the comments section.

28 Tips to Eat Less

  1. Do not eat in your car
  2. Only eat in the kitchen
  3. Don’t eat at your desk
  4. Do not eat after 7pm (or within 4 hours of whatever your bed time is)
  5. Only eat food that’s on a plate
  6. Eat smaller meals but eat more often
  7. Eat your vegetables first
  8. Eat slower and chew your food at least 20 times
  9. Chew gum or have mints instead of a snack
  10. Wait at least 20 minutes before having seconds
  11. Have a cup of hot tea after your meal – and before having seconds
  12. Chew gum or have mints while cooking or baking
  13. Dish up your food in the kitchen – not the dining room table
  14. Brush your teeth more often and/or after each meal
  15. Order an appetizer as your main dish
  16. Share a plate with your spouse when dining out
  17. Leave some food on your plate – no matter how small
  18. Stop drinking your calories – there are plenty of zero calorie options for you
  19. No buffets!
  20. Keep snacks out of sight
  21. Even better – keep junk snack foods out of your house
  22. Shop on a full stomach
  23. Put your fork down between each bite
  24. Use smaller plates
  25. Get a to-go box
  26. Drink a full glass of water before you start eating
  27. Eat high water content foods
  28. Eat high fiber foods

Remember WHY you want to eat less

You want to lose weight, or more appropriately, lose fat. It doesn’t matter what diet guru’s tell you about how out of whack your hormones are or that you must eat 23 times a day (exaggeration) to keep your blood sugar levels balanced and that you need to keep your cortisol levels as low as possible and do all the best “fat burning” exercises and …blah, blah, blah it goes on and on and on with the “super sneaky” tricks to “finally” lose all that stubborn body fat.

It ALL breaks down to one common dietary foundation. Can you guess what that is?

If your answer is; eat less? Then you’re correct. Congratulations! Now quit celebrating and get started on your new and improved Eat Less Diet Plan.

Don’t forget…. leave a comment with your own eat less tip(s)


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