Eliminating HFCS Doesn’t Improve Weight Loss Results


I know you’ve done it too. Shopped specifically for foods that are labeled “contains no High Fructose Corn Syrup“. I still do it, but the real question is …

Does it really matter?

Is HFCS really the evil chemical that every online know-it-all claims? Will it thwart you weight loss efforts?


The never ending HFCS debate

Sure it’s not a natural food. And yes it is a man made chemical that some would say has negative side effects. But is one of those side effects the inability to lose weight? There are many that say yes. Even the precious Dr. Oz himself thinks you should avoid the stuff.

If  that’s the case, then how would Dr. Oz explain away this review of over 40 studies indicates that eliminating HFCS does not improve your weight loss efforts.

This review published in the Annals of Internal Medicine suggests that, as long as calories remained similar, weight loss results were also similar when HFCS replaced other carbs in the participants diet.

The main thing was calories. If the calories stayed approximately the same, weight loss also stayed the same. If the calories from HFCS were added to their diet, instead of used to replace calories, then the result was weight gain.

Your Goals Are Really the Big Question Here

If your goal is to be healthier and eat a more natural diet, then yes, I’d say you should cut out anything that isn’t natural. That’s kind of obvious I suppose.

On the other hand, if you’re overweight and are trying to drop those unwanted pounds. Then don’t fret over HFCS. You’ve got enough other stuff to focus on besides worrying about whether or not your favorite soda has high fructose corn syrup in it.

Which do you think is more detrimental to your health, the HFCS or the extra pounds hanging off your frame?

That question always gets a good response from my clients. The truth is, when you stop to think about things in a  more common sense manner, you’ll begin to realize that you don’t need to apply all these crazy rules to your new lifestyle. At least not all of em at the same time.

Weight loss is hard enough. Most people fail because they get overwhelmed with all  the new rules. The most successful diet approaches are ones that introduce changes slowly.

So Enjoy Your HFCS

Yep, if you’re trying to lose weight and your favorite foods (that are still on your eatable list) have the dreaded HFCS in em, don’t give it a second thought. Make life easy on yourself and focus on the priority of the weight loss and worry about the small stuff later

It’ll also be easier to weed out the unnatural ingredients after you’ve got your weight off.

You’ll feel better. You’ll be motivated to continue down the road to wellness. You’ll have established a new lifestyle that sustains your weight loss and the only changes left will be eliminating the rest of the undesirables.

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