Exercises You’ve Never Tried – But Should

You do bench presses, shoulder presses and laterals, lat pull downs, squats and all the other usual suspects. The stuff I like to refer to as “the mirror muscles”.

Here’s the problem with most people’s training routines, they lack key movements that work the posterior chain. That’s all that stuff in the back that you can’t see unless you’ve got a really flexible neck and back and possibly two mirrors.

Back to point. The posterior chain is the everything from the neck all the way down to the calves. Working these muscles will improve your athleticism in leaps and bounds. It develops stronger hamstrings, hips and glutes which are key components in almost every athletic move.

Now about those exercises you’ve never tried but should. I’ve linked to some good youtube examples.

Single Leg Roman Deadlifts

Split Stance Roman Deadlift (this could also be a regular deadlift)

Hip Bridge (this is showing a single leg version but you can just put both feet down obviously)

Hip Extension (it can be on a bench too for more stability)

Hip Extension with added weight


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