Food and Marketing; A 1 – 2 Knockout Punch

food skull and crossbones

Food is a good thing. Marketing is a good thing, I guess. But when those two are combined, you have a very

food skull and crossbones

Beware of the deadly bacon and eggs combo

dangerous combination.

“He could sell ice to an Eskimo”

I’m sure you’ve heard that term before, or something close to it. It simply means that he’s a great salesman, or marketer. Top notch sales and marketing execs get paid big money for their services. The reason is obvious, the better they are, the more sales they get.

This is a good thing. Without marketing it would be very difficult for business to prosper and grow. If business can’t prosper then it can’t have employee’s. I think we can all agree that jobs are a good thing. Right?

Food is also a good thing. Simply put, without it we would die. More than that, food makes us happy. It give us that warm fuzzy on the inside resulting in a big smile on the outside.

Right + Right = Wrong

Yep, in this case instead of the 2 wrongs don’t equal a right, I’m saying 2 rights equal 1 wrong.

Do we really need marketing for food anyway? Everyone of us are going to buy food on a weekly basis at the bare minimum. Some of us even daily. There’s no need to hammer us with constant billboards and tv spots about the juicy new steak at the local steak house. Isn’t the smell we get a whiff of when driving by enough of a draw?

When these slick marketers put their creative juices to work on an ad campaign for food, dieter’s beware. Those guy’s are going to use every psychological hook they can to get your mouth watering and your brain thinking “Oh that looks so good”. Once that ball get’s rolling only the strong survive. Many go down for the count.

Food commercials and billboards are the only thing I can think of that will cause people to take immediate action on the purchase. Be honest, have you ever been sitting in front of the boob tube, see a commercial for some sort of deliciousness and immediately go out and buy it?

I sure have. Guilty as charged. As a matter of fact, that’s what led to this post. I did that just a couple days ago. I saw a pizza commercial and thought “man! I haven’t had pizza in a long time. A big ol’ supreme sure would be good right about now”. I immediately got on the phone with my favorite pizza joint and placed my order so it would be ready when I got there for the pick up.

My wife does it too. She’s always watching her weight. Monitoring and restricting her caloric intake. She successfully maintains her weight, but there are many times when she see’s a commercial for some sugar covered waffles or pancakes and the battle begins.

I’m Sure You’ve Done This

Driving down the road, not the least bit hungry, see a billboard for “you name it”, and BAM! You’re whipping the car into the parking lot for the purchase. Come on, who hasn’t done that?

Even if you don’t run out and buy whatever it was in the ad, it still creates the desire. Once that desire starts wispering sweet nothings in your ear it won’t be long before you’re high tailing it to the kitchen for whatever is the easiest and quickest.

I can’t think of anything else that powerful. I’ve never seen an ad for clothing, cars, jewelery, sporting goods, etc. etc., blah, blah, that’s made me go right out and buy it. Nothing, nada, zilch. Sure you may write it down in your brain somewhere for the next shopping spree, but you’re not gonna run right out for it.

Is There Anything You Can Do To Stop The Train

Of course there is. Here’s a checklist:

  • immediately mute the tv (turn the radio station) and stop looking at it
  • keep your eye’s on the road and don’t look at the road signs
  • create a personal rule that you can’t act on a food impulse until you’ve completed 10 minutes of exercise (this will change your mindset)
  • don’t keep convenient, processed foods readily available
  • punish yourself by calling someone you’d rather not talk to (not to discuss your craving – but this will certainly get your mind off of it)

There are other things I’m sure, but those are my immediate controls. I would love to hear your suggestions in the comments section.

When All is Said and Done

It’s hard enough to be successful at losing weight. It’s estimated that 98% will fail. It’s no wonder with food advertising hammering your senses at every turn. How do you think Superman would fare if Kryptonite was around every corner? Or if Lois Lane always kept a little in her pocket book? Or maybe some of the other reporters had it in bowls on their desks? I’d imagine there wouldn’t be a whole lot of heroic actions taking place.

Keep this knowledge in the front of your mind and take every precaution to avoid the pitfalls. Protect yourself at all costs and succeed!

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