Is Crossfit Worth It?

is crossfit worth it

Is crossfit worth what? The $100+ dollars per month to join, the physical and mental pain of the daily WOD’s, or the risk of injury? Or maybe you’ve got something else in mind.

Since I can’t possibly know why else you’d ask if crossfit is worth it I’m just gonna stick with the first three questions I wrote.

Is Crossfit Worth The Top Dollar Monthly Fees?

It never fails me; people are always shocked and taken back when they first hear the monthly rate of any CF “box”. I was too for that matter. I mean seriously, every one of these boxes posts the workout of the day (WOD for short) right there on their website. How can they possibly demand such exorbitant fees when they GIVE away the workouts? Couldn’t you just write it down and scurry on off to your favorite $30/mo gym and save some greenbacks?

Absolutely! So why do so many pay for the privilege? I can sum it up in three words.

Community and accountability.

Crossfit has become a cult, a band of brothers, a family, and a community. Any one of which makes members feel like they’re part of something special, something they’re proud of.

When you walk into a CF box for the first time you can’t help but notice the sense of camaraderie. They support each other. They encourage and push each other during the WOD’s. Many become close enough friends that they hang out even when they’re not at the gym.

It’s an impressive thing to see a young, 20 something, extremely fit guy taking the time to encourage and help out a 50 something, overweight female, office worker that’s trying to get healthy and shed some body fat.

Compare that to the atmosphere at ANY other gym and CF is the hands down winner.

For that; is Crossfit worth it? I say yes.

Is Crossfit Worth the Physical and Mental Pain?

is crossfit worth it

I’m too tired to even pick up my water

Only you can answer this one, but maybe I can help. If you’re the least bit interested in getting into arguably the best shape of your life then the simple answer is yes.

If you’re only interested in getting back into average fitness condition, I still say yes. I say yes because you actually don’t have to push yourself any harder than you want to. By scaling the workouts or slowing down you will reduce the intensity and also the pain and mental anguish. By doing this you’re still getting some work done and moving your body through good, functional range of motion. You’ll also be achieving an improved level of cardio conditioning.

If you’re only interested in losing weight using low intensity exercise like walking, yoga, spinning or some other version of the same, then is Crossfit worth it? I say no.

Simply stated, if you can’t handle increased intensity in a fitness program then you can’t handle crossfit. And that’s okay.

Is Crossfit Worth the Risk of Injury?

As a CF level 1, I actually hear this one most often. The fact is you risk injury anytime you’re exercising regardless of the modality. The risk level depends, mostly, on two things; you and your trainer.

YOU need to know and accept your limitations, check your ego at the door so to speak. Inform your trainer on any past injury’s or other health issues. Always do a proper warm up and cool down. Listen to your body and inform your trainer if you think something is about to become a problem.

YOUR TRAINER should always provide you with a proper warm up and cool down. He/she should also recognize any mobility and range of motion limitations you have and work to correct them. While those are being corrected you should have scale the necessary movements. During workouts your form will break down. When this happens your trainer should recognize if the break down is becoming hazardous for you and bring it to your attention along with the necessary corrections.

As long as the above steps are in place your risk is a low as it would be with any other form of exercise. Anything that’s 100% safe isn’t going to improve your fitness. To make improvements you must force your body to do something beyond its limits. You must impose a demand that will require adaptation. This can’t be done without risk of injury.

So Overall Is Crossfit Worth It?

In my opinion, yes. Crossfit is not the “be all, end all” of fitness. There are many other modalities that millions have used and are using to improve their fitness. However, for the average individual looking for an easily accessible place to go and get top notch training that will always challenge you, you owe it to yourself to at least try it out for a week. Most will allow you to try 1 week free to see if it’s your cup o’ tea.


    • Bryan says

      Emily, I wish it were as easy as a quick recommendation.

      Unfortunately, your question can only be answered if I have more information.
      Are you fit now?
      How old are you?
      Are you in good general health?
      What’s your motivation for working out?
      Do you have chronic pain anywhere?

      There are more questions to be asked but those are the immediate ones.

      If you’d like me to help you further, please use the contact form found under the “About” tab and shoot me an email. I’ll be glad to help any way I can.


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