Knowledge is Power – I Disagree and How It Applies to You

Knowledge is Power

I’m sure you’ve always heard that knowledge is power. Well, I say that’s a lie.

Knowledge is PowerYes, knowledge is a good thing. And without it we would surely die. If you didn’t have the knowledge that you can’t fly all by your human self, then you’d be inclined to jump off a cliff somewhere to soar with the Eagles. But alas, you cannot. And that knowledge is what has saved you.

So maybe knowledge is power after all, right?

Wrong. And here’s why.

Knowledge is no more than information. It let’s you know what you can and can’t do. It let’s you know if something is dangerous and gives you the ability to think about the consequences of your actions. And that’s where the power is.

G.I. Joe Said It Better

It was the fearless American icon G.I. Joe that told us in his PSA that “knowing is half the battle”.

That’s a more accurate statement. Only I would say that it’s not quite half. More like 30%. Acting on that knowledge is the remaining 70%.

Take it easy all you GI Joe lovers. I didn’t say he was wrong. I just said something needed to be added.

It’s safe to say that all of us know several things about how to live a healthy life.

You know that you need a certain amount of sleep. You know that in order to lose weight you must eat less. You know that meditation will reduce stress. You know that smoking can cause lung cancer. And so forth and so on.

But does any of that knowledge matter one tiny little bit if you don’t act on that knowledge.


Knowing that you need to meditate for stress relief will not relieve your stress. The action of meditating will relieve your stress.

The action of eating less will result in weight loss. If you know that eating that entire pizza all by yourself when no one is watching will cause you to gain weight, yet you do it anyway, are you more powerful. Or are you less powerful due to a lack of action.

Knowing But Not Doing

I would say that a person with less knowledge and more action is more successful / powerful than the individual with lot’s of knowledge and no action.

Knowing how to succeed and doing nothing leads only to guilt. Not power.

How Does This Apply to You

We’re all guilty of it. Guilty of knowing what to do. Knowing what the right thing to do is. Yet doing nothing. Regardless of what it is.

Now that it’s been brought to the forefront of your mind, it’s time to make a change. Decide for yourself, right now, that you’re going to become a doer. You’re going to take the knowledge you’ve so generously been given and put it into action.

Don’t start by choosing several things. Choose only one action item that you know you should be doing to become more successful. And that definition of success is totally yours. If successful means more quality time with your family, then so be it. I know you understand what I’m talking about. You’re a grown up. Take grown up action

Now you know the real deal. Knowledge itself does not equal power.

Knowledge + Action = Power


Now go be Powerful,



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