Personal Experimentation – The Maffetone 180 Formula | Final Results

Boston: Boston Marathon Finish Line

The experiment is over. Obviously after only2 weeks of effort I don’t have any solid results to report.

Why Am I Ending the Experiment So Soon

Simple, my heart rate monitor broke and I’m not buying another one right now.

I can tell you this, these two weeks of slow training were as boring a time as I’ve ever had while training. After 2 days I switched to my AirDyne cycle. I just couldn’t keep my heart rate between the limits while running. I would run for a few minutes and then have to back off to a fast walk to bring it back down.

Obviously by Maffetone’s standards I need to become much more aerobically efficient. That’s what I was shooting for.

Oh well, I’ll move on to my next experiment for improving my cardio fitness and muscular endurance.

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