News Blurb: McDonald’s and PayPal Team Up


Imagine a herd of cattle stampeding into McDonald’s restaurant’s during the noon rush hour. That’s got to be what the world’s favorite clown is imagining after hearing this. McDonald’s and PayPal  recently announced a partnership to test out a new way for customers to pay for their meals.


Two thumbs WAAAY up

Yeah, that’s what this world needs. A faster and more convenient way to pay for our beloved artery clogging, heart disease promoting, waistline expanding fast food.

The trial is being conducted in 30 restaurant’s in France – of all places. It was first introduced at Orlando, Florida tech conference. And if all goes well, the new payment system will go live in the next couple years.

How It Works

Using an app on your smart phone or tablet, you’ll place your order, pay for it through PayPal and then wait in a separate pick-up line. The idea is genius considering the fact that people are already on their phones while waiting in line anyway. The trial is testing to see if this will speed up the ordering process.

Yep, anything to get more people through the line faster. If you thought your order looked like it was assembled by a blind amputee before, imagine what it’ll look like when McDonald’s (and eventually all the other fast food chains) incorporates a system that’ll move more people through in the same amount of time.

This Isn’t Exactly New

This McDonald’s / PayPal thing is coming on the heels of Starbucks partnering with Square Inc (a start up payment technology). Other big company’s doing the same include Dunkin’ Donuts, Wal-Mart, Target, and Best Buy.

Yipeee! Even more of a reason to hate these so called smartphones.


  1. Ryan Harding says

    I personally feel this is one of the worst partnerships ever. One of the world’s largest fast “junk food” chain partnering with one of the most “questionable” companies. Don’t get me wrong. I am a proponent of progress and change and I support mobile payments. In fact, I am using a mobile POS from mPowa ( which I am very satisfied of. But I never let down my guard.

    • Bryan says

      You’re absolutely right, this is a screwed up partnership. I don’t know about the “questionable” part of PayPal, but teaming any fast food restaurant with any instant pay over mobile, to make it super easy and super fast, is only going to lead to super fast profits for them and super fast weight gain for for the users.


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