This page is dedicated to products and services that I personally use and recommend. My honesty policy demands I tell you that most (but not all) of these merchants will pay me an advertisers fee if you decide to purchase after clicking on the link I provide.

Put I promise you’ll find no shenanigans or tomfoolery here. I will only recommend a product or service that I truly believe will benefit you.


Vitamins & Supplements

I can’t say enough god things about VitaCost. For the past few years I’ve bought almost all my vitamins, supplements, goats milk soaps and lotions, as well as a few other items from them. Overall, they are the most inexpensive retailer of all things in the category of vits & sups.

Their shipping and handling is never more than $5.00. And many times offer free shipping on orders of $50.00 or more.

Their customer service is second to none. I’ve only had to contact them twice. Both times I received quick and more than satisfactory service. They really aim to serve you well and keep you as a customer.


TruScience Protein Powder

The best tasting protein powder I have ever had – bar none. This stuff is simply awesome. The link I’m providing you here is not an advertisers link and I don’t receive any compensation for this recommendation. But I would be doing you a major disservice if I didn’t tell you about it.

They even offer samples for $2.00 so you can make sure you love the taste before you buy.

Hint; You’ve gotta try the CinnaBun!