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Keepin' it simple

You remember watching those Charlie Brown episodes that had their school teacher in ’em? Every time the teacher spoke it was nothing more than verbal noise.

“Wat-wah, wa wa wa waa”

Keepin’ it simple

I believe that’s exactly what most people hear when they ask a simple health and/or nutrition question and the so-called expert delivers an answer that’s more suitable for a college professor.

I’ll never forget the time my wife asked me a question about magnesium supplementation.

I remember that glazed over stare I started to get from her after about 20 seconds into my deep, and all inclusive, description. Similar to the kind you get from your kids when you’re giving ’em instructions about what NOT to do.

I remember thinking to myself “I’m losing her. I’ve become Charlie Brown’s teacher.”

I said “you don’t care about all this do you?”

She replied, ever so kindly with “chloraphyll! more like bor-aphyll!”. Referencing Adam Sandler in the movie “Billy Madison”.

Of course we laughed hysterically.

Point taken and lesson learned. Normal, non-doctor types don’t care about all that deep knowledge and scientific explanations.

When I’m asked a question about something I’m passionate and knowledgable about, there’s a tendency to think they want to know every detail. Why else would they ask right?.

This means that the answer likely goes far and beyond anything the “asker” was looking for. At this point in our life, no one’s looking to write a research paper or change professions. So there’s really no need to answer questions and pass information as if you were.

As a result of this improptu education and OJT, I’m vowing to write posts that are simple and to the point.

I promise not to go overboard with fancy scientific words and other jargon just to make me sound like I’m a genius. I am a genius BTW.

Instead, I’ll write in a clear and easy to understand way that will help you digest and apply the information.

I’ll link to other posts that have in-dept and scientific stuff for those of you that enjoy that sort of thing.

But for the masses, I plan to keep it simple.

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