3 Simple Habits to Help You Stay Young Longer

Too Sleepy

Advances in medicine offer us the opportunity to live longer and healthier than ever before. Discounting biblical times of course. It’s not crazy to think that any one of us could live beyond 100.

Youth is wasted on the youngGeorge Bernard Shaw
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 My wife asked me just a few days ago if I would want to live beyond 100. My immediate reaction is that I’d be okay with it as long as I didn’t feel like I was 100.

Being 100 and feeling 50…… now you’re talkin’.

So with that I was inspired to write this post of 3 simple habits to help you stay younger longer.

Live Longer and Live Healthier

1) Stretch In the Morning
We all stretch in the morning. Just not long enough. Ten minutes should be your goal. Why 10 minutes?It give you plenty of time to go through a full range of stretches for your entire body. Stretching has a multitude of benefits like, improving circulation, stress relief, increased mobility and range of motion, reduced risk of injury and even heart attack.
See these youtube vids for a couple stretches that will hit your whole body

2) Only Eat When You’re Hungry
If you eat other than when you’re hungry, you will get fat. It may not be now, but it will happen as you age. But for your best health and longevity you must practice a lifestyle of eating less. Too many people are overweight only because they eat out of habit or boredom. Don’t be one of them. Begin to ask yourself if you’re really hungry before you start eating. If the answer is no, then you need to immediately make yourself useful doing something else. No TV. Get up, out, and active. Go for a walk, run, cut the grass, something to completely clear your mind of the desire to eat. Fifteen minutes of activity usually does the trick for me.

3) Set Your Alarm for Bedtime (I saved the best, and longest, for last)

Too Sleepy

I Love My New Pillow

Most of us set our alarm clocks to wake us in the morning. But I bet almost no one sets their alarm clock for night time. The importance of sleep can’t be overstated enough.

Having enough sleep (8 hours recommended for us grown ups) had many health benefits.

  • improved memory
  • reduce inflammation
  • sharpen attention to detail
  • healthier weight
  • lower stress levels

Those are some of the more obvious and most commonly stated reasons. But this last one’s a doosey

In 2009 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that being tired accounted for the highest number of fatal single-car run-off-the-road crashes due to the driver’s performance — even more than alcohol!

“Sleepiness is grossly underrated as a problem by most people, but the cost to society is enormous,” Dr. Rapoport says. “Sleeplessness affects reaction time and decision making.”

Your Marching Orders

So there you have it. If you want to stay young and healthy all the way into your 90’s and beyond get a good nights rest, stretch for 10 minutes in the morning after that great sleep. And don’t overeat during the waking hours.

That’s about the most simple recipe for health and longevity I’ve ever seen. Even if I do say so myself.

Now go get some sleep!

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