Stress Relief In Just 1 Minute A Day

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You’ve had all you can stand. Now you’re online looking
for some quick method of stress relief.

stress reliefWell consider yourself lucky that you’ve landed here at Ageless HQ.
I’m gonna tell you how to reduce stress. And it only takes  1 minute.

You obviously are aware of the dangers of being stressed out. Otherwise you probably wouldn’t be looking for ways to reduce it. That being said let’s get straight to the method.

Stress Relief in 1 Minute

  • Stop what you’re doing.
  • Turn off, or put away your phone.
  • Get away from your PC or Mac.
  • Turn off the music and/or TV.
  • Get away from any and all distractions like kids, spouse, pets, co-workers, etc…

Now, for the next 60 seconds, in total quiet (sounds of nature are acceptable), sit down or lye down and stop thinking about everything in your life and just exist. Close your eyes. Take in full and deep breath’s. Listen to your breathing pattern. Feel your heart beating inside your chest. Relax your face. Use your fingers to smooth out your eyebrows and forehead. Once you’ve spent some time meditating on that minimal existence and cleaned out your thoughts, slowly begin to think about the happiest day of your life. As you’re thinking about that happiest moment – smile. Enjoy it all over again.

That’s It

You can easily do all that within 60 seconds. Of course longer is better. But 60 seconds will be enough to reduce your stress level significantly. You’ll be re-energized. Your blood pressure will be lower. And your mood will be lighter.

Everything may not stay that way for long. But imagine if you started the habit of taking this 1 minute stress relief ritual once per hour. Or even every two hours.

It’s only 1 minute. Sixty seconds. Everyone can spare that – and should. You owe it to yourself and those that you’re in relationship to be stress free and happy-go-lucky.

I Call It “Unplugging”

Obvious enough I know. It’s a marriage of 3 things really.

First, when my family comes together for dinner, no phones are to be seen or heard. Period – Full Stop. There is nothing so important that it can’t wait until we finish our family time at the dinner table. This is very much a stress reliever for all 4 of us. Unplugging from the communication devices.

Second, since I’m a bit of a electronics geek I know that one of the first troubleshooting steps with device faults is to unplug it from it’s power source for a short period of time. I was considering this just the other day when I had to reset my satellite receiver. This unplugging, if you will, gives the device time to completely drain all current running through it and relax for a moment.

Third, all that stuff about breathing and feeling your heart beat I got from doing yoga. The only difference is the amount of time spent. When I finish up with yoga, I spend about 5 minutes doing just this. Stressed out folks at work don’t necessarily have 5 minutes for this. But trust me when I say this, even 1 minute will do wonders.

And thus, my 1 minute stress relief method of “Unplugging” was born.

Now go and Unplug,

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