How To Come Clean On Your Sugar Addiction


I’m going to make a bold statement: Sugar Addiction is the root cause behind the obesity epidemic.

Feel free to comment if you disagree. But I really don’t see what your argument could possibly be.

Ask Yourself;

Could I give up sugar for one full day?

How about two days? Or even an entire week?

At what point did you stop saying yes? Maybe I’m jumping the gun and you never said yes, even to a day without the precious white crystal of joy.

First, you’ve gotta check out this timeless classic from Jack Lalanne. Even way back then sugar addiction was a problem and ol’ Jacky L knew it.

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Now I’m not gonna go all scare tactic and fear-mongering on you about the wicked evils of sugar. Personally I don’t believe sugar to be bad for you at all.

Similar to money;

Sugar is NOT the root of obesity – the LOVE of sugar is
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Include artificial sweeteners because they satisfy the same sweet tooth as sugar and create the same effect. Regardless of calorie content.

I know what you’re thinking after that statement ” Bryan, you said no scare tactics and fear-mongering”.

Let me prove it.

Think about all the foods on you eat. Now think real hard about how many of them DON’T have sugar in them. The don’t list is much shorter than the do list. I’ll list the most common foods in the north American diet that include sugar to help you make your list.

sports drinks
breakfast cereals
all deserts
meal replacement bars
anything you add to coffee or tea
salad dressings (except vinagrette)
pasta sauce[/one_half_last]

I can’t possibly list everything here. Basically, if it’s not meat, beans, or vegetables, it has sugar (or a sugar substitute).

Okay, now that you’ve got the list of sugar free foods, consider your intake of those foods vs the intake of foods with sugar.

Obviously you eat more of the sugary foods (unless you’re paleo). But the real question is this. When you overeat, or when you CRAVE something, which is it?

The sugary foods (remember artificial calorie free substitutes count) or the non-sugary foods?

Yes, I’m sure there are times when you’ve craved and over-eaten non-sugary foods, like steak for instance. But I’m also sure the overwhelming majority of the cravings and indulgences are caused by the desire to satisfy the sweet tooth.

Even if it’s burger and fries you’re after. Do you eat your burger plain? Or on a bun with ketchup and mayo? All three of those items have sugar.


What’s My Point?
Sugar isn’t the Antichrist. It won’t kill you or make you sick and disease ridden.

Eating too much sugar will.

Because eating too much sugar also means eating too many calories which means weight gain and inflamation, insulin resistance, etc. etc.

So What To Do Now – Try This
Simply give up sugar for one day. Better yet, take Jack’s advice and go for 5 days. If that’s too easy for you then choose for yourself a time frame in which you’ll eat nothing that includes sugar.

This sugar thing needs to be treated like a band aid and just ripped off fast. No easing into the water, just jump in head first. Focus on completing just one day. Then the next, and the next.

Sugar is addictive, we’ve established that. It hits your brains reward center and causes you to want more in spite of feeling full and satisfied. You must detox yourself and the only way to do that is to go cold turkey. Alcoholics can’t have a drink now and then. Smokers can’t light up just once in a while. Sugarholics can’t have just a little bit of sugar without wanting more.

If you’re overweight I’m safe in saying that you’re a sugarholic. Come off the drug!

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