5 Bodyweight Workouts To Cleanse the Soul

bodyweight workout - push ups

Bodyweight workouts are nothing short of awesome. You can do them practically anywhere and anytime. The equipment needed is readily available. And they can be as intense or easy as you like. Intense for a good soul cleansing beat down, or nice and easy for active recovery days. Take these 5 bodyweight workouts below and […]

Workout Routines For Women – Simple and Effective

women working out

You’re probably expecting to read something like workout routines for women need to be different because… (you can fill in the blank). Sorry, you won’t find that here. The fact is workout routines for women don’t need to be different than routines for men. They only need to be different if your goals are different. […]

Metabolic Resistance Training – Why It Outperforms

Metabolic Resistance Training is the new buzz word in fitness. It’s not a new thing to the world of fitness, just a new and improved name. I think it used to be referred to as  the “are you kidding me” style. Before it had an official name these workouts have been regular prescription for combat […]