The No Fat – Low Fat Myth

That’s right, I said No Fat – Low Fat MYTH! How did we ever come to the conclusion that eating fat will make you fat? I think I have the answer, or at least my humble opinion. But first let me tell you that I can’t stand low fat and non fat foods. If the good Lord had wanted me to eat it without fat, then he would have created it that way.

I actually get upset if my wife brings that stuff home from the grocery store. That only happens by accident so I don’t get real tore up about it. She’s just shopping and there’s so much of that stuff that it’s easy to grab the wrong sour cream, or yogurt, or whatever.

I’ve never really followed that advice, but I used to drink skim milk. It wasn’t because of the fat, rather the lactose and the thick mucus that followed. These days, after discovering the importance of fat in the human diet it’s only whole milk for my family. Preferably raw, whole milk. Or, best of all, raw goats milk. The goat milk is really hard to find though.

I mostly drink almond milk, but I digress.

The Myth of Low Fat

There are certain fats that are critical to every living cell of the human body. Without them, our bodies would become ravaged by sickness and disease. OK ravaged may be a little strong, but we would become vitamin deficient and that leads to sickness and disease. This is because these “essential fats” are required for absorption of certain vitamins and minerals. The human body can’t produce these fats on its own so we must ingest them.

Think about that for a minute, if we MUST eat fat to maintain health and disease free living, then how do you justify a non-fat diet?

Study after study after redundant study, has proven time and again that eating low to no fat diets do not reduce your risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, or cardiovascular disease.

What about cholesterol, you ask? (imagine annoying buzzer sound here) Nope. No measurable reduction in cholesterol levels either. It’s all junk science based on food manufacturers propaganda to help them sell their more expensive “health foods”.

But I’ve Lost Weight On Low Fat Diets Before

OK, I can accept that. BUT….it wasn’t due to the lack of fat in your diet. It was due to (drum roll please…..) your lower calorie diet.

That’s right, your lower calorie diet. You see, fat has more than 2 times as many calories per gram (9) as carbs or proteins (4). So guess what, when you remove those tasty little morsels of heaven from your diet, you’re eliminating a huge portion of your calories. As long as you don’t replace those calories with starches or proteins then you’re well on your way to a new wardrobe.

Some Interesting Stats

  1. As of this writing, over 74% of American are overweight or obese
  2. Until 1997 not a single state in America had an obesity rate above 20%
  3. In 2010 not a single state in American had an obesity rate BELOW 20%
  4. Over the last 30 years obesity has nearly tripled while fat consumption has decreased.

Essential Fat

Without essential fat in our diets we will slowly become deficient in vitamins A, D, E, and K.

You can’t eat just any ol’ type of fat though. I’m certainly not saying that. When it comes to fat consumption it’s “quality over quantity”. You’ll want to stay far away from those trans fats, A.K.A. hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils. These nasty little bastards are in LOTS of foods. I’ll even wager that if you’ve never checked your labels for this little piece of satan himself then you’ll be shocked to find out how much stuff it’s in.

Instead, eat your egg yolks (no, the cholesterol isn’t bad for you), cook with coconut oils and use olive oils for your salad dressings. Eat avocados and seeds and nuts, preferably staying clear of peanuts and soy nuts (the more genetically modified stuff).

Now that I hope you’ve thought this no fat thing through, go out there and eat it up.

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