Weight Loss and the New Year – The First 3 Steps

It’s January again and for most people that means it’s time to start your weight loss program. Unfortunately most will fail. The failure won’t be due to a lack of desire, of course. It won’t even be the result of a bad nutrition or exercise plan.

So what does that leave as the root cause of the failure? The lack of a step-by-step process you can do easily.

People need processes and organization in order to achieve goals. They need to steps that can be checked off each day that can trigger the brains reward center that something has been achieved. A small victory so to speak.

So here are the first 3 steps that everyone should have in their weight loss program.

Weight Loss Step #1

Pick a close friend or family member that you can partner with. There’s no doubt that accountability is the number one success factor for most anything. It’s the reason diet programs include private forums that enable you to connect with others going down the same path. Knowing that someone else is struggling just as much as you are to accomplish a common goal is encouraging and the last thing anyone wants to do is admit to their friend that they’ve failed to accomplish their goal for the day.

Weight Loss Step #2

After you’ve got your accountability partner you need to choose the best weight loss program. Which one is the best? It’s the one that both of you feel god about. The one that both of you feel you can do. There ore oodles and butt slews of diets programs and weight loss methods for you to choose from. Diets like paleo, Atkins, Zone, Jenny Craig and the list goes on and on. You get the picture. Since weight loss centers around nutrition, the program you choose MUST be a plan that you can see yourself doing for a long time to come. Maybe even a lifetime.

Weight Loss Step #3

Change one habit at a time. When you force yourself to change several habits at one time, it becomes overwhelming. Too many changes leave too much room to miss or skip something, or take shortcuts. Doing any of those will lead you right back where you came from because you’ll begin to feel guilty. If you don’t feel guilty then you’ll at least begin to think “well I’ve blown it for today, I’ll start fresh tomorrow”. The reality is, tomorrow never arrives.

Think your changes completely through. Even deciding to have breakfast when you normally skip it is actually several changes. I know you might think it’s just one, but check it this way….. you first must (1) shop for b-fast foods, (2) you must get up earlier (if you have a job to be at in the morning) to allow time to (3) prepare and eat it. That’s three smallish changes, not just one. And of the three changes, getting up earlier is probably gonna be a problem.


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