What Is A Carbohydrate

witch of weight loss

A carbohydrate is fairly easy to define or describe. It is a group of compounds which include cellulose, starch, and sugar. When it’s ingested, a carbohydrate enters your liver, is broken down, and processed into a compound called glycogen. This glycogen compound is stored in the muscles and liver to be used for energy as needed.

It is one of the 3 macro-nutrients which are proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

That is the very basic definition of what a carb is. Now let’s continue to break it down.

A Carb Is Not A Carb

Technically there is only one classification of the carbohydrate macro-nutrient. However, we can break it down into 2 sub-categories. Those categories would be Simple and Complex.

A simple carbohydrate is made up of one or two sugar modules. It’s easily converted to glycogen by your liver. Examples are fruits (not all) and berries, syrups, and sugar. That short list, basically, is it. There are hundreds of different forms of that list, but those ingredients will be the foundation to every simple carbohydrate you encounter. The foods that would classify as simple carbs are heavily processed and usually considered “junk food”. They are fairly high in calories and lack any real nutritional value.

simple carbs

We all LOVE the simple carbs

A complex carbohydrate is made up of three or more sugar modules. It requires your liver to do a little work and break it down before it can be converted to this glycogen stuff and stored for energy. Examples of complex carbs are whole grains, vegetables, and legumes.

complex carbs

complex carbs

Carbohydrates And Weight Loss

Now-a-days carbs have been portrayed as the wicked witch of dieting that’s keeping you fat. I know that’s both true and false.

witch of weight loss

TRUE; Because the bulk of our calories are coming from carbohydrates. And further true because it’s the worst carb selection. I’m feel certain that if you were to look over your food journal (Yes, I know that was funny. You don’t really have a food journal) or just think over your day’s dietary intake, you’ll realize that it’s overwhelmingly carbohydrate. And simple carbs at that. There’s no balance, no substantial protein and fat intake. Just carbs. And too many of ’em

FALSE; Because the actual carbohydrate isn’t the culprit. The real offender is you (I know that probably stings and you’re getting ready to stop reading now). It’s not the eating of carbs keeping you overweight, it’s the overeating of carbs. And you are directly responsible for how much you eat.

Unless you’re like that guy in the movie “Seven” that’s kidnapped and force fed until he exploded.

Summary of What Is A Carbohydrate

Carbs are sugar modules bound together and are one of our 3 basic food groups. There are simple carbs and complex carbs. Carbohydrates are broken down by the liver, converted to glycogen, and stored in the muscles and liver for energy. Eating carbohydrates won’t make you fat, nor will it keep you fat. Overeating carbs does that.

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