Workout Routines Without Equipment

Workout routines without equipment can be just as taxing and difficult as routines with equipment. There are so many bodyweight movements that the possibilities are almost endless. Add in the¬†additional effect of plyometrics and you’re really approaching endless. Regardless of your fitness goals there’s a routine for you that doesn’t require any equipment.

Don’t get me wrong, I personally feel that the use of external forces (weights, sand, rocks, etc. etc.) is going to be the most efficient way to reach your fitness goals. However, a lot can be gained from doing bodyweight only training. Just because weights can get you there faster doesn’t mean they’re better per se.

Why Do Workout Routines Without Equipment

You can do them anytime and anywhere. You can’t possibly have the excuse of “too little time” or “can’t afford a gym membership” any more. The lack of space is also no problem. Busy professionals who travel a lot can also benefit. It’s easy to put together a “workout log” containing 10 – 20 workout routines without equipment that you can quickly reference right there in your hotel room. Of course you don’t have to be a traveling professional to have one of those. I was just referencing that group.

What’s The Best Way To Workout Without Equipment

With high intensity. Using your body’s own weight against itself isn’t really taxing at low speed, low reps, or long rest periods. You do that regularly with everyday stuff. Bodyweight workouts need intensity. You need to move faster and for longer periods of time. You also need to experience a little something called incomplete recovery, or IC for short.

IC simply means beginning your next work session or set before you’ve recovered to a more relaxed state. Speaking in terms of heart rate, your set causes your HR to reach 160, you rest until your HR is approx 145 and then start the next work session. Most of the time folks rest for minutes on end and their HR is below 120. Doing that is NOT going to build any sort of muscular endurance.

Moving faster while doing more reps is a form of high intensity interval training or HIIT. I’d imagine you’ve heard of this. If not a quick Google search will turn up millions of¬†explanations. Doing this develops strength and power.

If you don’t want more strength and power that’s cool too. Working out at low intensity also provides benefits. Improvements in basic human movements like a squat (sitting on the john and standing back up after you finish your business is a squat btw) are yours for the taking.

Can You Really Gain Strength Using Workout Routines Without Equipment

Your goal is strength, I get that. Most everyone that’s working out wants to get stronger to some degree or another. The body needs 1 main thing to get stronger; overload.

An overload of the muscle is anything it’s never experienced before. That could be more resistance, moving faster, moving longer without resting, doing something in an explosive manner.

All of that can be accomplished without equipment by using gravity, momentum, or instability.

Let’s use Herschel Walker as an example. This former NFL star and current MMA fighter claims to have never worked out using weights. Only bodyweight, calisthenics, and other conditioning exercises like running. In recent interviews he states that he still gets up at 5:30am and performs 750 – 1500 push ups and 2000 sit ups.

Beginner Workout Routine Without Equipment

Warm up; (3 sets)

  • 10 large arm circles in each direction
  • 25 jumping jacks
  • 10 standing knee tucks for each leg


  • 16 body weight squats
  • 8 push ups
  • 24 bicycles (lie on your back and move your legs as if you were pedaling a bike)

Do this routine as many times as possible in 10 minutes. You will only rest when absolutely necessary and only as long as necessary. has more great info on workout routines with no equipment needed for men. has some really good 10 minute routines that don’t require equipment. This is more for the ladies.

The website Livestrong also has some good info on workout routines without equipment.



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