News Blurb – Worst Back to School Beverages

sneaky sugar

Here’s a great slideshow that will undoubtedly shock you. I knew these “kids” drinks were loaded with sugar, but seeing a direct comparison to foods we all classify as junk was eye opening to say the least.

sneaky sugar

Cats are to sneaky as sugar is to food.
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Before you click to go look at the slides (link at bottom), let me add a few thoughts.

This is strictly a sugar comparison. There is no mention of total calories, fat grams, or any other ingredients. Take that into consideration if you’re thinking about having that doughnut in place of the Apple Juice or Hi-C Lemonade.

You may be thinking “of course these drinks are high in sugar, they’re fruit juices”. Which also means they’re healthy for you and okay to drink.

In some ways, you’re right. But not completely.

Contrary to popular dogma regarding sugar, 1g of sugar is the same as 1g of any other type of sugar like HFCS, etc. They all contain approximately 3 – 4 calories per gram. All of them will spike your insulin. And none of them are going to provide you with any significant nutrients that would make it worth drinking all those non-filling calories. Eat the actual fruit instead and reap all the benefits.

If you’re on a weight loss journey, BEWARE!

Fox News – Sneaky Sugar Content and Comparison

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